Leonidas 005 - Lava Planet

Something to warm up those cold winter days before Christmas Eve. Mustafar like environment created using Poliigon lava textures.
For the first time I've done something like this... and I must say that doing new things is something I like more and more - this feeling when You sit down in front of a PC and think "how am I suppose to do this?" is just great, because everytime I have it, I know that I'm going to learn so many new thing. Do You like making new things?
Software used: Blender/Cycles, Substance Painter, Photoshop.
Creation time: 18hours (toggl is a magical tool)
Render time: 3h in 4k resolution

Mateusz wielgus mustafa d

Original Image

Mateusz wielgus ao0276

Ambient Occlusion - shows nicely what geometry is used.

Mateusz wielgus lava final

Image version 2 - let me know if You like it better.